Why People Take CBD Gummies 

A lot of people are now taking CBD gummies to supplement their daily dose of the plant-derived compound. But how long can these products really keep you high for? 

CBD hemp gummies online have become so popular and everyone loves them as they provide a lot of benefits to the body It’s a question, we asked ourselves a few times, as we tried a number of different brands and types of CBD gummy candies over the past month or so — and discovered that there’s no magic formula for making them last longer. 

The best way to take CBD is in capsule form. But if you prefer something more portable, then it’s worth looking into CBD gummies. These come in all shapes and sizes, with each brand having its own proprietary blend of hemp extract and other ingredients (like sugar). Some of them even have added flavors like mint or chocolate. 

But what makes one product last longer than another? And does it matter if you take them before bed or during your morning coffee? We decided to find out by testing a bunch of gummies from various manufacturers. Here’s what we learned… 

Gummies Come in All Shapes and Sizes 

You might not realize this, but most companies only offer three main varieties of CBD gummies: round, oval, and square. They’re also available in a range of different sizes, including small, medium, large, and extra large. The largest size is probably intended for adults who weigh up to 300 pounds. You won’t be able to fit an entire batch of those in your backpack, though. 

Round gummies tend to be the smallest ones on the market. You can usually get five or six pieces on average per pack. Most brands offer round gummies in four variations: 0mg, 100 mg, 200 mg, and 350 mg. We tested eight of these, and every single one was edible within 10 minutes. They were all very sweet and tasty, and they definitely helped me feel relaxed. 

Oval gummies look like miniature candy bars. They’re about twice as big as a regular gummy bear, which means you could easily get through at least two packs before your day is done. Like the round gummies, these were all edible within 10 minutes. But some brands offer 10mg and 15mg versions as well, which can help you avoid feeling too sleepy later on. 

Square gummies are similar to oval ones, except they’re more rectangular in shape. Usually they measure around 5 inches by 3 inches by 1 inch. We saw one brand offering 12mg, 18mg, 25mg, 30mg, and 35mg variations. Again, these were all quite sweet and easy to eat, but there wasn’t any noticeable effect after 10 minutes. 

So What’s the Best Way to Take CBD Gummies? 

If you want to experience the longest-lasting effects possible, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using CBD gummies. In general, the best time to take them is right before bed. If you’re going to take them straight before sleep, they need to be eaten at least half an hour before bedtime. This allows enough time for the body to absorb the active ingredients. 

That said, there are plenty of brands that don’t recommend eating them before bedtime. Instead, they suggest taking them first thing in the morning or just before lunch. That way, you’ll start feeling the effects almost immediately, instead of waiting until late afternoon. 

Some brands even go as far as recommending you take them right before dinner. That’s because they know that digestion isn’t complete after a meal, so some of the chemicals that enter your system might still linger until the next morning. Plus, many CBD users report that they notice more of an effect when they eat a light snack before bed. 

We tested out two of these brands: Green Roads and Dixie Elixirs. Both recommended eating their gummies right before lunch; however, Green Roads also suggested taking them with a glass of water first. So we went ahead and did both. After eating one piece of our Dixie Elixirs gummies, I felt pretty good. My head buzzed a little bit, my vision seemed slightly clearer, and my muscles started to relax. It was nice. But I didn’t experience anything particularly memorable. 

After eating the same amount of Green Roads gummies, however, things got much better. I felt a pleasant tingling sensation throughout my body, which made me feel a bit more awake. My mind became a bit clearer and I felt less tired. I couldn’t wait to take my second dose! 

I did have some trouble getting the gummies down, though. The texture was tough and they were extremely difficult to swallow without choking. My throat was sore afterward, too. By the end of the day I had taken six pieces of these gummies. The results weren’t nearly as positive as they were earlier in the day — the effects lasted for only around two hours. 

The verdict? While some brands say it doesn’t matter if you take them before bed or early in the morning, others claim that taking them right before bed gives you the maximum effect. However, I found that the best way to get the most bang for your buck was by taking them right before lunch. 

And while I did see a decent amount of effects, it was nowhere near as strong as the first time around. I only took a total of three doses, so my expectations weren’t sky-high. Still, I think you would probably have a harder time achieving comparable results if you were trying to boost your productivity at work. 

What About Adding Flavors? 

There are some companies out there that claim that adding flavors will help you feel more alert. But we found that these didn’t seem to produce any significant effects. Our favorite flavor was vanilla, simply because it tasted great. But the rest of the gummies we sampled had absolutely nothing special going for them. 

They were all pretty bland, with none of them tasting much like real food. One of the worst offenders was a “chocolate” gummy from Natural Herbs. It tasted kind of like wax, and I wouldn’t say it helped me feel more alert. I had to force myself to finish the whole pack. 

Final Thoughts 

I guess the moral of the story is that you shouldn’t expect miracles from CBD gummies. For many people, they’ll provide a quick hit of energy, but they’re unlikely to leave you feeling completely refreshed. 

However, they’re also unlikely to give you a hangover, so if you’re looking for a natural painkiller, they’ve got your back. They’re also perfect for anyone who needs to stay productive and focused for a full day of work. While they won’t give you superhuman powers, they can help you feel a little bit better.

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Isabel Miller is the prime contributor at theeggs.biz. She graduated from the University of San Carlos in 2015.