What To Wear On The First Date – Get to know

No matter how many first dates you’ve been on, the stress of picking an outfit never seems to fade. After all, you’re trying to strike a perfect balance – impressive, yet not over-the-top. Before you start trying on outfits, let me give you a little advice that will hopefully simplify things for you.

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  1. Be comfortable

Definitely dress up for your night out, but if you’re suffering all evening, you’re not going to be fully focused on your date. Avoid clothes that are too tight, too restrictive, or too high-maintenance. You’re already nervous, so don’t make things worse by wearing painful shoes or an awkward skirt.

By being comfortable in your clothes (whether you’re walking, sitting, standing, or dancing), you’ll put your date at ease as well – and if you’re both at ease, that’s one step closer to a successful date.

  1. Be simple

You may be a total fashionista, but I’ll let you in on a secret: most guys really don’t care about fashion. They won’t notice if you’re wearing the latest trends; they’ll just notice that you look pretty. Remember, you’re dressing to impress your date, and he’ll be most impressed by something simple that accentuates your strengths – whether that “something simple” is high fashion or yesteryear’s digs.

Simplicity also applies to makeup, hair and accessories. Not surprisingly, guys generally find wild makeup or elaborate hair do’s a bit strange. Remember: simplicity is elegant.

  1. Be modest

Sure, I might sound like your granny saying this. You might be surprised to find, however, that dressing too sexy on a first date might actually be a turn off for the guy. After all, you’re meeting for the first time. He doesn’t know you or your personality, so his opinion of you will be based almost completely on first impressions. Dressing too sexy or skimpy sends all the wrong signals.

I’m not saying you should wear a nun’s habit. Go ahead and dress up. Just make sure you’re not showing too much skin on a first date, because first impressions count. After all, if you leave a little up to his imagination, you’ll keep him wanting more.

  1. Be detail-oriented

Though you’re going simple and comfortable, you’ll still want to bring your best game. Shell out for a manicure and pedicure the day of your big date. It’s a little detail that might just make a big difference. Just don’t go for any wild colors or crazy patterns.

Also, go light on fragrances if you choose to wear one. Your natural, feminine scent is often more alluring than the most expensive perfume. Plus, you don’t want to give him a headache if he’s allergic to your perfume.

  1. Be YOU

Finally, whatever you wear, make sure it’s a reflection of who you really are. Put your best foot forward, but let your uniqueness and your personality shine. The most attractive people are those who are comfortable in their own skin, so let the real you out.

And remember, do not focus so much on what you’re wearing that you neglect your date. If you’re thinking about yourself it will show, so once you’re dressed and out the door, quit thinking about how you look, and just have fun.

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Isabel Miller is the prime contributor at theeggs.biz. She graduated from the University of San Carlos in 2015.