What Makes Consuming Collagen Beneficial For Older Adults?

A lot of research has been done on the benefits of collagen for the skin. However, with the aging population in the world, what effects does this supplement have on older adults? Here we will go over some of these facts and talk about whether or not it’s worth taking.

To get the collagen, you need to ingest it. However, many supplements use collagen peptides as their main ingredient, including: 

  • GNC Bio Collagen Peptides (GNC)
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide (Hydrovita)
  • Quality Collagen Peptides (Quality Sports Nutrition)
  • Ultimate Collagen Peptide Complex (Unique Health Institute)

Besides these products, others use collagen as well.

Description On Benefits Of Collagen For Older Adults

  • Reduces wrinkles:

Collagen powder help with cell regeneration and repair, which will help reduce wrinkles in the skin. These peptides are also essential for keeping your skin hydrated.

This is since collagen will plump up your skin and make it have a fuller appearance by increasing blood flow in the blood vessels beneath your skin. It will also help decrease the number of free radicals in your body and protect your skin from UV damage.

  • Promotes Healthy Hair:

Collagen helps with hair growth, which makes it useful for both men and women because it prevents hair loss, promotes thicker hair, promotes shine, and can even help out a receding hairline.

  • Helps with joint and bone health:

Collagen peptides help promote healthy joints and bones. With healthy joints, you can move more easily, which will help your mobility over time. Healthy bones are also important as they allow you to have stronger bone density, making you less prone to fractures and breaks.

  • Decreases inflammation:

Since collagen is derived from the skin, it is known to decrease inflammation in the body. This can be extremely useful for those who suffer from chronic pain because the pain may be related to fibrous tissues in your body since collagen is a key component of these tissues. 

  • Restore elasticity to skin:

Your skin tends to lose its elasticity when you are older, and collagen peptides can help restore this. They’ll also fill up the dead spots or sagging that occurs in your face when you age.

  • Useful for improving skin texture:

Many people are looking to use collagen peptides to help improve their skin texture. This may also be because there is skin thinning and loss as we age, which makes it less elastic and more wrinkled. 

How To Use Collagen?

If you use collagen powder, you will want a high-quality version that contains no fillers or additives. It should also be formulated using the latest ingredients available on the market.

A great way to use collagen is by taking it in a smoothie in the morning and drinking it quickly before you have time to spit it back out. This will decrease the amount of time your body has to absorb it. Another way would be to dissolve it in water and take it with you, again avoiding digestion.

Another option would be to take it in your food. By taking collagen supplements in these ways, you will increase absorption by more than 70%.

Clinical Evidence

Since there hasn’t been much research done on the clinical effects of collagen for older adults and since collagen is still not FDA approved for human use, there isn’t much evidence to back up its effectiveness. However, some evidence shows that there are benefits of collagen supplementation and that it may have some anti-aging effects.

How Do Collagen Peptides Help The Skin?

Collagen plays a major role in keeping the skin elastic and smooth, but these factors will slowly decrease with age. This is why collagen helps with these factors. Not only that, but collagen also thickens the skin to help it become firmer and plumper. The addition of bioactive peptides will further increase the benefits of collagen’s ability to fill out older skin so that you can achieve that youthful look you’ve always aspired to achieve.

Is Collagen Peptide Safe?

Although millions of people get collagen injections in their face every year, this is a very different thing than taking collagen orally. However, you should still be cautious, especially if you are pregnant or nursing. If you have allergies to food or any other allergies, it is not recommended that you take this supplement.


Since the human body cannot create its own collagen on its own, you will need to rely on getting it from an external source. Some places will charge as much as $100 for one ounce of pure product, and this can be a bit pricey for some people to afford.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you are getting a large quantity of high-quality collagen for your money. By taking your time to look at the reviews of these products, you will be able to find the most cost-effective way to get the benefits that you need from collagen.

How To Get The Most Benefits Of Collagen?

Since collagen is mainly found in animal skin and bones, many people are turning towards vegan sources for their staple of this supplement. However, there are still some benefits of collagen for those who continue supplementing it with animal sources.

The best way to get the most out of this supplement is by taking it daily in smoothies or adding it into other foods that you consume regularly.

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