Useful Tips To Help You Select The Perfect Wedding Cake

Choosing your wedding cake is one of the most delicious and yet one of the most daunting tasks for a bride-to-be. If you have a sweet tooth and an appreciation for creativity in confectionary, you might find this even more difficult since the choice of wedding cakes in Sydney is truly boundless. There are various factors to consider while picking out the right cake. As this is the most important day of your life, you will definitely want everything to be perfect and therefore, your cake is no exception. Finalising the cake involves thinking about the design, flavour, size and most importantly, your wedding budget. Read on to get some insights about making the right decision regarding your wedding cakes:

1. Be innovative in the Design –

If you have some cake design in mind, there are chances that someone must have already executed it before. If you want an original cake, you must do thorough research online and try mix-n-match to get a unique design that has probably not been done earlier.

2. Be truly honest about your budget –

This is really important to discuss with your wedding cake designer, as the budget will determine the detailing and the quality of your cake. If you are not honest about your budget, you might incur costly surprises while paying the bill. If you have a tight budget for the cake, go for a large statement of sugar flowers or block colours rather than opting for a floral cascade or a piped lace.

3. Make the Theme Count –

When you go to meet your cake designer, ensure you give him/her ample information about the wedding theme like the colours, bridal dress, flowers and décor. This will make the process of selecting the cake design much easier. Many brides coordinate the cake with their dress, their jewellery (pearls, rubies or diamonds) or they go for an outstanding theme like spring wedding or religious ceremonies.

4. Time is Money –

When you are planning your wedding, it may seem like everything is on priority and you may end up missing out on picking the right cake at the right time. To avoid a panic situation later, it is wise to take three to six months to plan the cake. The last two months are usually the crunch period and you must have the cake plan ready by this time.

5. Portions should dictate the size –

The number of tiers of your cake is usually dependent on the number of people who will be eating it. If you are having a small wedding with just 40 or 50 people, you might not want to have a 5-tier cake since it will look really weird. Similarly, for a wedding of 300 people, you need a large cake to ensure everyone gets some.

6. Ensure your cake is exceptionally delicious –

Wedding cakes in Melbourne come in various flavours and tastes. Pick yours based on a flavour you and your partner enjoy making it a good memory. Make sure you get a tasting session of the wedding cakes before selecting the flavour. Also, don’t opt for exotic flavours just by the names. Sometimes, a bakery can make vanilla taste extraordinary but can fail with exotic flavours. Plus, many guests don’t recognise the out of the blue flavours.

The couple must enjoy the process of selecting the cake and pick one that becomes a lifetime memory of their wedding day! Good luck!

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