The 7 Best Peptides For Muscle Growth

Not everyone is happy with the body shape they have. Some are skinny and want to gain weight, on the other hand, some are fat and want to lose weight. The fact is we are never happy with the things we have. We always crave better things than those we have.

Some believe that going from fat to skinny is the most difficult process and some consider that from skinny to healthy is the most difficult one. Well, if we talk about changing your body then nothing is easy. Growing muscle or losing weight is not just a physical process, but it affects you mentally too. As consistency is the key to any achievement. But can this process be easier? Yes, of course. It gains or lose weight generally people eat lots of eggs that are to increase their daily protein intake.

But eating 5-6 eggs daily is not always possible for everyone. So as a substitute for that protein some people prefer peptides. Peptides are a small chain of amino acids. Which can be consumed as pills and protein shake. Most people who work out regularly or go to the gym have a bit different diet. That diet includes a high amount of protein which helps to lose weight, gain muscles, or help in muscle recovery.

Mainly people buy protein shakes, but some consume Peg mgf. This is a peptide that is taken as a supplement for bodybuilders or the growth of the muscles.

With these peptides, you are not required to have 5-6 eggs daily.

Let’s explore The 7 best peptides for muscle growth-

  • AOD9604

This is used for human hormone growth. It has been studied that if it is taken 500 micrograms of your body weight then 50% of weight loss can be experienced within 19 days.

  • Tesamorelin

since the main focus is on weight loss, Tesamorelin can improve the cognitive function in healthy adults with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It is even more beneficial for people who have strong genetics.

  • Ipamorelin

It helps to function the growth hormone and helps with a better sleep cycle, weight loss, muscle gains, increases energy, and the production of growth hormone for a longer time. Here the changes can be experienced within 3 months.

  • Tesofensine

it claims to have the ability to help you reduce weight more than any other drug can. It functions within 2 weeks and has been lab-tested.

  • CJC 1925 (DAC)

CJC is a peptide that can be consumed with or without DAC. Here DAC is considered a Drug Affinity complex. Which helps to stimulate the growth hormone.

  • GHRP-6

It stands for Growth Hormone-Releasing Hexapeptide which contains 28 amino acids. Which increases both insulin and growth hormone and can help to grow bigger muscles.

  • MOTS-C

This peptide is called exercise mimetic. It activates at the cellular and systemic levels. This helps to reduce obesity, and gain muscles, and also benefits diabetic patients.

The requirement for protein in our body is irreplaceable, and as per the experts, we should take protein for at least half of our weight. For eg- if your weight is 70kg then your goal should be to consume 70 grams of protein. Considering eggs in your diet, if you ate one egg you got less than 30 grams of protein from it. to see a significant change, most gym trainers suggest having more than 6 eggs. Which of course is not possible for everyone. But with Peg Mgf it becomes easier. As in small quantity only if more a huge amount of protein.

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