Simple Tips On How To Not Gain Weight During The Holidays

On the average, Americans will gain about 7 pounds in the time span between Thanksgiving and New Years day, which is just a little over a month. If you would prefer to not be part of these statistics, just read this short article and follow the simple steps.

First off, you are probably aware that there are many more temptations during this season, and many more chances for you to “pig out” or indulge and gain the extra weight. The first rule is to be sure you do not have access to the goodies at your own house. In other words, when you are at the grocery store, skip the candy and junk food. Instead, stock up with healthy food as you should be doing anyway. This way you will not have the constant temptation to eat something that is high in calories or unhealthy.

When you are at the family feast of Thanksgiving, or Christmas Dinner, don’t pig out! You can still have a great time and just have a sensible portion. Instead of eating a huge meal, unbuckling your belt and passing out on the couch, eat a normal, sensible portion size. Sure you may have a slightly larger portion than you normally would, but just don’t go nuts! Better yet, split it up into two meals, and eat 2-3 hours later. This way you are still eating the good stuff, but spreading it out in smaller portions. It’s called portion control!

After your big meals, go for a walk, a bike ride, a hike or do something instead of plopping on the couch and watching tv. Suggest to your relatives the idea of going outside and taking a nice family stroll around the neighborhood. Sure, you may get some funny looks, but I bet some people will be in on it, if not everyone. This way you are already burning some of the calories that you ate.

Be sure to skip the regular soda, opt for diet or just water and if you must have desert, which most people will want, just have a small piece of whatever it may be and savor it by eating it real. Enjoy every bite and wait until the taste is completely out of your mouth before taking your next bite. You still get all the thrills of desert, but many less calories!

If you get the slightest chance, try to sneak out a home workout or a sport to play with your friends or family. You can also use some stamina boosting and energizing supplements that help cleanse the body for toxins. Testosterone pills for men have been reported efficient for improving metabolism, which might help you keep track of your weight. 

So just be aware, be sensible and follow these simple rules. While everyone else is gaining inches on their waist and going up a pant or dress size, you will be sitting pretty and might even lose some weight, if that’s what you want to do!

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Isabel Miller is the prime contributor at She graduated from the University of San Carlos in 2015.