Remote Work- Challenging Task Force

It has been nearly a year and a half since the deadly Covid-19 pandemic broke out and engulfed the entire world under its grasp resulting in millions of deaths and given the severity of the situation, all countries issued a nationwide lockdown in order to prevent the after affects.

Working from home has become a norm since the past year where people have become so used to it that they couldn’t adjust to doing the same when going to office once the lockdown was lifted although there are many folks that are still working from home due to a possible third wave as the second one was devastating.

The work structures differs from company to company and while certain companies have a strict time management structure in office, there are many others that have a routine work from home work process.

Structural Basis

When it comes to working from home, you need to have a strong desktop application and Any Desk is an excellent example that comes to mind where you can manage remote work easily with some important perks in the bargain because data security is a massive task to manage.

The basic structure regarding remote work is that you need to be hard working with a strict punctuality along with being adept at multitasking but there is a huge difference with managing your PC in office and doing the same at home.

Basically you need to be adept at managing the work schedule at both home and office which isn’t that simple a task because you cannot remove your work computer from office and transfer it to home.

VPN for both home and office is different so you can’t connect one to the other especially as there is sensitive data stored in the PC that has vital company resources in the form of files always in danger of falling prey to cyber criminals who have their hawk eyes fixed on any PC whose security features can be breached and they can siphon off data.

The company has terms and conditions that is between the employer and employee that should not leave the four walls of the organization because your hard work is stored inside the PC or other devices that is proof of what you are doing in office.

It is necessary to have remote access to your device as it increases productivity, which in turn plays a vital role in enhancing data security.


  1. Distractions abound when you are working like the sound of a car, ruckus of neighbors fighting, barking dogs, children wailing, etc. that makes it difficult to concentrate
  2. Working in office helps you keep discipline and decorum while at home you are in a comfort zone with no one to boss you around due to which you become lethargic
  3. When you are working on a project with your partner, it becomes difficult to collaborate since you both are in different places because video conferencing leads to security lapses


  1. Once you have fixed boundaries and targets then distractions hardly matter like closing the door of your room with a ‘do not disturb’ tag or leaving a note outside the door for the delivery person
  2. Organize your room from a comfort area into an office room so that it becomes a work space
  3. Descargar Any Desk has a whiteboard feature through which you can manage project deadlines easily

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