Quench Your Curiosities On Revelation Rundown 

Once in your life, you must have thought about speaking openly or expressing your thoughts regardless of the current controversies going on in the world. You want to say your point of view or put your opinion on the topic or trending subject. But you are afraid that you will be disrespected or being hated because some may find the content or your opinion offensive, even though there might be some proof you have in your defense. 

On social media or in public, you are not completely free to express your speech or make a statement. Many people react very quickly and take every word personally. The dangers of posting such comments are very dangerous, even if you are right. But don’t post too many unnecessary hate comments.  But where will I get my questions answered or opinions heard? You can get all your doubts cleared on the revelation rundown. 

What exactly is revelation rundown.

Revelation rundown is an online platform wherein people from all around the world can post their queries, doubts, thoughts, and predictions. There are various categories listed on the website. Those are:

  • News
  • Prophecy
  • Weather/climate discussion
  • Debate
  • Conspiracy theories
  • Secret society
  • Paranormal 
  • Politics
  • Science and technology
  • Disasters and
  • Miscellaneous

Contents related to all the above categories are posted on the website, which other readers can read and enjoy. It is very interesting to see the different thoughts of different people on the same topic. The logic they use is even more fascinating. Joining the dots to form a complete theory that relates every part of the theory. 

What should I and shouldn’t be posting on the website?

Anything that contains hate comments, the language of profanity or tarnishing and defaming anyone or anything is considered bad or offensive. At the same time, anything that spreads knowledge, answers query or solves doubts is considered presentable content. You can post any question which you feel is not good to ask directly on social media. The questions are answered by the users who know the answers. 

Sometimes the users directly post the links to the files or the documents that they found relative to the questions. On the rundown revelation website, you are not oppressed from stating or saying anything. The only things that are banned from posting are spreading hatred, giving false opinions, offending communities or organizations, defaming an individual, or abusing the website user. 

You can offer the users a friendly environment; writing posts on general topics, proving conspiracy theories (though limited), or getting involved in the discussion positively is much more appreciable. Even discussing the topics out of the box to entertain the readers is also a good move to make. 

There are many more things to read and discover on the site. If you are interested and feel like you are stuck on any question, you can check the site.  Make sure to follow the guidelines and continue to read the content.

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Isabel Miller is the prime contributor at theeggs.biz. She graduated from the University of San Carlos in 2015.