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What is the most difficult job on earth? Everyone will have different opinions on this matter because they all consider their job to be more difficult than any other. A doctor finds attending patients, operating their body for illness and prescribing medicines to be nerve wracking.

A lawyer finds handling complicated cases, attending grueling court hearings, defending and saving a criminal knowingly from punishment to be hectic. Many people turn their professions into a business deal where they make a huge pile on the side by the time they retire.

Painting and decorating too is a difficult job although it doesn’t classify as one. Maybe it’s because not many people consider it worthy of a discussion or include it in the same sentence as the above two.

Painters and decorators have to paint and decorate a house or any other building they’ve been assigned for and do their job perfectly. Painting a house isn’t an easy task to begin with especially when you’re an amateur so before taking up such a grueling task it is better to learn everything about the art form before grabbing the mantle.

Types of Painters

Some readers would scoff at painting being labeled an art form but it is true given how many types of painters we have and it is impertinent that those that ridicule it as a menial task learn more about it.

Yes, painting a picture on a white canvas with different colors is very different from painting a house but they both require a number of skills, albeit different, to perfect and we’ll see how.

Painting is a variant skill that anyone may quickly pickup during childhood where they just have to take color pencils or crayons and scrawl colors on a white sheet or do the same on the floor.

Chalks are excellent when kids scrabble anything on the floor before they learn reading and writing. Some of them develop an interest during this phase and cultivate this skill to a whole new level as they grow up and learn more and more about this great world.


Fine Artist is the first one that comes to mind when you talk about painter types where it is considered an art form. A painter becomes an artist when he puts forth his brilliant imagination on paper in the form of colors to give it a lifelike quality that makes them so relatable.

Pablo Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci are two great examples of painters that are always classified as artists with Old Woman and Mona Lisa being two fine examples of their artistry.

Designer Artistry is a field for those painters that don’t want to limit their skills to the canvas because when you want to paint and decorate your living room you’re deemed an interior designer and not merely a painter.

It includes painting and decorating a wall, designing poster, furniture, fabric, glass, etc. but to become a designer artist you need to learn the course and earn a degree to become a qualified artist in this field with decorators London being a good example.

Finally we have decorating home interior that involves painting murals on a wall that requires adequate skills and many people try their hand out only to regret it and don’t come back. It is best learnt on the basis of experience than a course.

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