Muscle Soreness After Working Out

There are different reasons why you would feel Muscle Soreness After Working Out. Depending on how hard your exercise intensity is and how much you rest, muscle soreness can be beneficial or it can halt your process.

Should You Feel Muscle Soreness After Every Workout?

Well, that all depends on how you train. I will explain in this article why muscle soreness is beneficial to muscle growth when performed correctly and how muscle soreness after working out can slow your process in your muscle gains when you exercise incorrectly.

Please note that in this article, the word soreness is not the same as pain. If you experience pain during or after exercising, stop and see a doctor to prevent further injury.

Muscle Soreness Occurs When…

You will feel muscle soreness when you first begin any exercise program. That is because your muscles are not used to the new stress you are putting them through.

When you continue your exercise program with no increase in intensity, your muscle will adapt and you will not continue to feel the soreness in your muscles. Only when you change the exercise by either the…

  • reps and sets
  • weight
  • angle
  • exercise itself
  • range of motion

… will you start to feel soreness in your muscles again. By doing this every so often, you are forcing your muscles to grow by breaking them down in the cellular level.

You will feel soreness in your muscles because your muscles have gone through a new stress and the cells in the muscles have been split. The remarkable thing about the human body is its unique ability to repair and rebuild after a muscle has been damaged.

If you give your muscles enough recovery time to heal, it is okay to feel muscle soreness after working out. But, only if you have given your damaged muscles enough time to fully heal.

However, if you continue without rest, you will lose muscle mass. In fact, your muscles will start to shrink instead of grow, defeating the whole purpose of muscle building.

If you continue to feel muscle soreness after working out even though you did not change any of the above mentioned stresses…

you might not be giving your body enough time to recover

you may not be getting the correct nutrition for your muscles to grow properly

you may have injured yourself without realizing it. As I mention above, if injury or pain does occur, see a doctor.

Facing these issues for long might degrade your body profile rather than toning it. You must make sure of the rigid performance stamina along with ample recovery capacity. If your inherent system and diet weaken at this point, it is judicious to seek supplements for aid., Testogen is one of the best brands to work for the mentioned cause. Checkout this Testogen review on any supplement retailer’s page or trainers’ recommendations to elucidate more on the effect of the product. 

If you are in doubt on how long you should give your body time to recover, I suggest a few days after the soreness has gone before starting your next work out. It is better to give your body plenty of time to heal and rest then to rush in without fully healing the muscle. The growth of muscles is not during the exercise but rather when you are resting and eating the proper nutrition.

Always pay attention to any type of muscle soreness after working out. This is the way your body tells you what is happening within. If you ignore what your body is saying, you may slow down you bodybuilding results or even worst end up injuring yourself when it could have been avoided.

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