Minecraft Animals Breeding Issues – Know them to solve

With the pre-release of the 1.9 update having been out for a fair few days now, players have had the chance to experiment with the new breeding mechanic in minecraft. Although most players welcome breeding into the game, the way in which it has been implemented has been disappointing for the majority of players, with a lot of the mechanics in the breeding process being described as lazy, glitchy and fixes to other problems.

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Some of the main issues with minecraft animals’ breeding are:

  • Following mechanic

currently all that is required to get an unlimited animals to follow you is a single piece of wheat. Not only is this glitchy, it’s exactly the same coding taken from Wolves simply passed onto animals. Instead of taking the time to add a new item into the game, the lame following action is used. Much better would have been an fresh following item such as a rope or lead (which could be made from swamp vines or leather), used to move animals individually from place to place. This would give some difficulty to the following mechanic, rather than hordes of animal lemmings attracted to a single piece of wheat.

  • Animal food

needing food for animals to breed is a good idea as it makes the problem of animals breeding by themselves less of an issue and stops overpopulation. However, the fact that after 10 seconds or two fed animals can instantly bang heads and produce a new fully grown animal doesn’t really seem like true breeding, rather a way around the problem of the animal spawning code. What would be a better and more rewarding food system would be different types of food needed for each animal to breed, giving some challenge to the process.

  • Animal space

in the pre release of 1.9, animals only need a 2×2 block space to breed, and can do this on any surface, including ice, fire and water. This seems ludacris, and something should be done to make it more difficult and realistic, such as larger static spaces, more associated items and only the ability to breed on grass blocks perhaps.

  • Baby animals

despite being available on other mods, there are no sign of baby animals in the 1.9 pre release. Lots of people were looking forward to seeing these, perhaps with growth into adult animals, but still they seem to have been overlooked. Even taking coding from other mods would be a start, and baby animals should definitely be included in the update.

Hopefully these issues are updated before the 1.9 official release, although the latest news would suggest that only a few of these problems will be addressed. If you too feel the minecraft animals’ breeding mechanics need changing, why not tweet notch or voice your concerns on minecraft forums.

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