How To Lose Love Handles And Belly Fat

Have you been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight? You should know that you are not alone. About one-third of adult Americans are overweight, and weight-loss programs are in great abundance. There are many programs out there purporting to be the perfect diet programs, but if you are wondering how to lose love handles and belly fat there are some general things you should do. Proper exercise and a healthy diet can be all you need to turn your life around. Besides all this, you need to read this article- best weight loss shakes reviewed so that you know everything you need to lose those love handles.

Exercise to Lose Love Handles and Belly Fat

If you are not already exercising regularly, what are you waiting for? Regular exercise is practically essential for maintaining a healthy life. If you are asking yourself how to lose love handles and belly fat, there are some specific exercises that will be more effective than others. Running, jogging, and other types of cardio are some of the best ways to lose weight, around the love handles especially. Walking is a good alternative. Swimming and jump roping are also great exercises. Be sure to get your heart rate up and try to keep it up for the duration of your session.

People who want to know how to lose love handles and belly fat will want to look into many types of exercises. There are several types of crunches that are great for reducing belly fat and love handles. Bicycle crunches work the upper abdomen, as do sit-ups and vertical crunches. Vertical crunches are like ordinary crunches with your feet pointed toward the ceiling. You can work on your lower abdomen with leg lifts and reverse crunches. Reverse crunches are like ordinary crunches but you lift your legs instead of your shoulders. To work on your love handles, you can do side bends or trunk twists. Trunk twists consist of standing up and twisting your torso from side to side. You can do this with weights in your hands if you would like.

The Way to Diet to Lose Love Handles and Belly Fat

Learn to eat a healthy diet constantly. Obviously, you want to know how to lose love handles and belly fat while still eating a balanced diet. Begin by cutting out the fatty and fried foods as much as possible, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Oatmeal, nuts, and avocados are great tasting and healthy foods that will fill you up and lessen food cravings. Eat plenty of fresh greens every day such as arugula, spinach, or kale. In general, the darker green the leaf, the better it is for you.

If you learn to keep up a healthy lifestyle, including healthy foods and regular exercise, you can be well on your way to trimming down your stomach. If you want to learn more about how to lose love handles and belly fat, you can do your own research on the internet or at libraries. You can also consult a dietitian or exercise expert.

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