How To Get In Shape Like A Seasoned Fighter

Getting in shape can either be totally difficult or boringly easy and according to this person sharing his experience, if you fall into either of that two categories, then you probably need something to spice up your workout routines and get some new approach the will help lift up your game.

One type of exercise regimen that can completely give you a wild but satisfying experience, is through practicing “fighter-style” workouts or simply martial arts training.

If you love watching contact sports such as mixed martial arts or boxing, then I am encouraging you to try their usual hard training routines to help you lose weight and get fit for life.

I am not saying that you should force yourself to be a fighter, it’s your personal choice if you prefer this kind of training. But if you are more inclined to fitness, then martial arts training is the best option you got. This kind of exercises are intense, explosive and requires maximal strength to achieve success, which can truly help you lose weight and get into shape fast.

So before you start your contact training in full swing, let me first give you some starter’s guide on how to get in shape like a seasoned fighter.

The Usual Fighter’s Training Program

Punch like a Fighter using a Heavy Bag

A heavy bag is the most simplest tool to get your punches right. It is one of boxing’s most important equipment, which is a perfect workout to burn that excess fat. A heavy bag will focus on your shoulder, triceps and your abs, all courtesy of heavy punching. Punching bags come in various sizes which fits most dynamic users. If you don’t have a punching bag yet, then you can browse one here for your convenience.

Improve Foot Work using Jumping Rope

A jump rope is one of the simplest tools that can work out your cardio system to the max. However, boxers do use it to improve their feet and hand coordination, basically to develop good footwork. So if you want to get in shape, lose some weight fast, include a jump rope into your workout program. You can buy any kind of jump ropes here.

Develop Hand Speed with Speed Bad

You have probably seen athletes use speed bags in the gym or in movies. Speed bad is a cool tool that will help improve your hand-eye coordination as well as your agility and upper body strength. Using speed bag doesn’t necessarily require power punches but rather focusing on speed and punching techniques. To set up your speed bag equipment, choose your ideal speed bag brand here.

Workout your Legs using a Kick Pad

Your martial arts training is not complete without working out your legs and feet. Using a kick pad can help lessen the impact on your feet and knees when kicking. Though you need assistance on this particular training, you can also work your legs by simply using a punching bag if you are training at home. If you don’t have this tool yet, then try some of the best kicking pad brands here.

Shadowbox to get Fit!

Have you seen fighters shadowbox? Although shadowboxing requires a boxing trainer to actually perform this act, I guarantee you that it is quite worth the expense if you can hire someone to help train you to do this routine.

Shadowboxing is a complete fat burner, working out your whole body system and a good cardio workout. It combines weaving, punching and kicking in a quick but artistic manner. If you don’t want a personal trainer, then you can use home fitness DVD’s that help shows basic shadowboxing program. You can browse the Amazon for shadowboxing home fitness videos.

Below is a sample shadowboxing from world champion Manny Pacquiao. Video from Ellie Setback.

Lastly, the intense sparring session. Sparring sessions are done in almost kinds of martial arts, so you can’t really escape sparring time. Once you develop skills on kicking and punching, then your trainer will conduct a simple sparring session, ideally between you and an opposite opponent with the same weight as yours.

Sparring is a dangerous part of training. As you can see at the image above, you can hurt or be hurt in a sparring session, even if you are wearing protective gear. So following your trainer’s instructions are crucial for a successful sparring workout.


Training like a fighter is totally different from a usual workout program. But it is sure worth a try. These workouts are completely hard to perform but definitely will produce good results. If you like this kind of training regimen, I suggest you look for a professional trainer to precisely guide you and plan a good workout designed for long-term fitness.

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