Guide On Buying A Golf Rangefinder For Beginners

Golf rangefinders have greatly improved the approach that newbies use when playing a round of golf. In just a single button press, a golf player can examine the rangefinder and be presented with precise distance to the goal, in addition to providing other useful information like yardage, and distance to other objects, hazards, and obstacles.

The greatest rangefinder models have removed guesswork and estimations from golf. New players are no longer required to look at every distance marker and guess the proper distance using only the environment. As long as you have a rangefinder, getting the precise distance of a location in the golf course is very easy.

The issue with the guesswork in golf is the fact that beginners often have a very hard time counting the effect of slopes and other changes in elevation on the distance required by a shot. High quality rangefinders will remove all of the guesswork involved with golf, making it a must have purchase for golf beginners. 

In this article, we will guide you on buying a golf rangefinder by discussing some of the features you should look for. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Sufficient waterproofing

Another feature to look for in a good golf rangefinder is sufficient waterproofing, making them safe to utilize even during the rain. Rain can occur at any time during a golf game, and being unable to use your rangefinder just because your model is not waterproof will be disastrous for your game. Even on a waterproof golf rangefinder, you should still dry it after the rain has passed to remove residual water.

  1. Good accuracy

When in search of a dependable and useful golf rangefinder, the first feature you should consider is its accuracy. The main reason for buying a rangefinder is for measuring distances between two locations, and an inaccurate rangefinder is just a useless purchase. Once you have your own rangefinder unit, we recommend you to regularly check its readings to make sure that it is accurate. When checking the accuracy of a rangefinder, we recommend you to check the distance of the same goal many times and see if the distance measurement changes between readings. If it does, then the rangefinder is not accurate.

  1. Slope feature

The slope functionality on a golf rangefinder assists in figuring out the precise yardage required for a golf shot with elevation changes properly accounted for. Horizontal distance is not everything in golf, you also have to account for increases and decreases in elevation as stated earlier in this article.

  1. Battery capacity

The majority of golf rangefinder has rechargeable batteries that use micro USB ports or type-C USB ports as chargers, making them able to charge using your mobile phone charger. When buying a golf rangefinder that is powered by a battery, make sure that the battery capacity is enough to last for a few rounds. Not having access to your golf rangefinder during a game because of an empty battery is something you should avoid.

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