Fort Lauderdale Airport- Various Essential Facts Related To This Airport

One of the most famous airports among travelers is the Fort Lauderdale international airport. This is an airport located in Broward country, Florida, United States. This is considered one of the ports out of the three ports known to serve the Miami ford Lauderdale metropolitan area. This is an airport that has been given the code as the FLL.

Facts related to the airport

Before a person plans to travel from a specified airport, he should gather the complete facts related to the one. Some of the facts related to the airports include:

  • If we talk about the airport’s location, then it is known to be located 3 miles southwest of downtown Fort Lauderdale and 21 miles to the north of Miami.
  • The local cities linked with this airport include Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and the Dania beach.
  • This is the 18th airport in the United States in terms of passenger traffic. As per the reposts in 2019, it reported approximately 36 million passengers.

  • The daily flights that operate from this airport are 700 in number, which is a significant number. These flights include both domestic and international flights.
  • As per the wall street journal report, Fort Lauderdale airport is known to have 3rd rank in the large airports of the US list of 2019. The rank was higher due to the on-time arrival, reliability, wifi speed, and the money’s value.
  • The compare cards raised another report in 2019. This report ranked the FLL airport as the most crowded airport in the US, which has 83.33% of the capacity on an average
  • In 2005 due to hurricane Katrina and hurricane Wilma, the FLL was affected a lot, due to which it remained closed for a period of 5 days.

These are some of the essential facts related to the Lauderdale fort airport. This basic knowledge will make the person aware of the airport.

Status of the various flights

To travel from one place to another, a person should always have an idea regarding the flight’s arrival and departure time. This will help the person in being prepared and not wasting time.

  1. To check the fort lauderdale airport departures, a person must go through the FLL departure status. This guide will provide the person with an idea regarding the scheduled departure time, map tracking, and the Fort Lauderdale airport gate information.
  2. On the other hand, checking the arriving flights includes checking the status of the arriving flights. Therefore, this guide will include the FLL arrival time, delays, time to land, and also the gate info.

If a person wants to get the complete detail, booking the tickets online will be the best option. As the person can go through the timely updates from the online platforms. This will help the person save a lot of time, and online booking is the convenient mode. Moreover, there is official site of this airport will provide the customers with the complete detail related to the arrival and departure of the flights.

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