Does My Husband Love Me 6 Ways To Remove Doubts In Your Relationship

People have different ways of expressing their emotions. Some find it easy to show their feelings to their loved ones either through words or actions while others find it tough to express their emotions and have an intimate relationship with other people. This is due to a number of factors.

One person may have a childhood full of love which makes it easy for him to express his feelings. Another may have bad experiences when it comes to relationships, making him wary and pessimistic about love. In a marriage, two people with different backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences have to work together to make their relationship successful.

There are times when wives find themselves asking the question ‘does my husband love me?’ This is because men often have a more difficult time expressing their emotions than women. This could be because of the social stereotype about men—that they should be strong, rational, and not get carried away by their emotions. This could also be because of the factors mentioned above, such as having a traumatic childhood and bad experiences with love.

If you want to stop asking the question ‘does my husband love me?’ and remove doubts in your relationship, you should consider the 6 tips outlined in the paragraphs below.

  1. Ask your husband about his definition of love

People have different meanings of love. For some men, loving their wife means showing affection by hugging and kissing and being romantic by celebrating anniversaries, giving gifts and flowers, and saying ‘I love you’ every day. For others, it could be as straightforward as being able to provide the needs of his family and supporting his family when they need it. Your husband may be expressing his own definition of love not in the way that you are expecting him to.

  1. Learn about your husband’s past

If you have been together for a long time, you should already know your husband’s past and why he is not expressive with his feelings. If not, you should find out the roots of this behavior. You should ask about his childhood or ask his family about stories when he was growing up. This way, it will be easier for you to understand where he is coming from. His behavior could be because he did not feel loved when he was still a young boy or he felt unloved when his parents divorced.

  1. Teach your husband how to express his love for you

Instead of always asking the question ‘does my husband love me?’ why not do something about it by teaching him how to express his love for you? You should have an open discussion about this topic and show him some ways on how he can express his emotions without getting embarrassed about it. Please read our article “The art of expressing yourself” for more details.

  1. Understand that it takes two people for a marriage to work

Instead of always pointing a finger to your husband and blaming him for your marriage woes, you should also take a look at yourself. You need to tell him how you want to be loved and you need to ask him how he wants to be loved in return. You need to support, understand, and cooperate with each other if you want your marriage to work. We recommend you take a look at our article “The Do’s and Don’t on how to fix a relationship” for more helpful tips.

  1. Keep your sexual life alive

Sex is an important part of a relationship. It will be easier for men to be more affectionate and intimate with their partner if they are sexually satisfied.

  1. Do not loose your self-respect

While in the process of asking your husband to show more affection in your relationship, you might end up begging for love and lose your dignity. You should prevent this from happening. Making a marriage to work should not make you lose yourself in the process. It should be a process between you and your husband to improve your relationship and at the same time to become better persons. Here’s an article that may provide more insight: ”How to evaluate yourself and the relationship” .

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