Do You Want To Lose Weight Fast But Fat Loss Is A Real Struggle

If you want to lose weight, especially if you want to lose weight fast — I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Ok, it’s a big secret.

To be blunt — most weight loss diets are designed to lose weight fast giving you an unrealistic belief that you’re losing Fat.

The normal concensus in the weight loss industry is to sell you on the wonders of the high carbohydrate diet — and by drastically cutting calories — and while avoiding fat intake like the plague. And if they can sell you a worthless supplement, gadget, or some packaged food along the way — all the better for them.

Sadly you and I both know this is true.

Let’s take a look at the proposed high carbohydrate diet to lose weight fast for a moment.

Carbohydrates are metabolized very quickly producing lots of energy in your body — But unless you are extremely active this energy is Not utilized or burned off.

So what happens to next?

Your body converts the major excess of this energy (carbohydrates) into triglycerides — storing them as body fat!

How many over weight folks do you know whom are extremely active, and can eat a high carbohydrate diet while achieving a slim body?

I’m sure you’ll agree most overweight people are Not into Extreme Activity.

Also high carbohydrate intake causes high levels of the hormone called insulin. A high insulin levels inhibits lypolysis (fat break down)! Yes this is true. Unless you already have a relatively low body fat percentage and are extremely active the high carbohydrate diet approach is insane to use.

Will this help you lose weight fast? Of course not!

The only way the high carbohydrate diet could possibly work for you is by cutting calories alot. You know… gradually starving yourself.

Systematically cutting calories to starvation mode is a sure way of reducing thyroid function, and losing lean tissue, all of which lower the metabolic rate.

Now please understand me, you can deprive yourself of enough calories and you will lose weight. However more than 50% of the weight is lean tissue, while your fat content is decreasing, so is your muscle content — resulting in your body fat percentage remaining about the same! You become a smaller fat person.

Will this help you lose weight fast? Of course not!

It gets worse.

Remember you now have Less lean tissue (muscle) to burn your body fat. So later as you begin to eat normally again your body PILES on the fat again.

Do you understand?

Here’s the weight loss propaganda statement of the year, “Not eating fat will make you lose fat. The very opposite of this statement is true. If you have a restricted fat diet your body needs to store fat, because it is being deprived of essential fatty acids. Sure you can avoid this from occurring if you’re starving yourself, but you already learned about the havoc it has on your metabolic rate — besides you’ll feel miserable in the process.

Will this help you lose weight fast? Of course not!

But why would they do that?

Here’s what typically happens next…

If you’re like most overweight people that have fallen victim to the weight loss industry you have obviously experienced the frustration from lack of results. You end up searching for the ‘next’ miracle version that’s packaged by the weight loss industry. Hoping that their new improved quick weight loss diet will be the one to get you slim. So you buy yet another weight loss diet or weight loss plan from them!

You end-up spending possibly hundreds of dollars on worthless weight loss schemes, expensive packaged foods, and special weight loss supplements to achieve Zero results!

You spend your hard-earned money again, and again on the latest New Improved Diet Version, or Supplement, or Gadget that does no more for you than the last one they sold you!

The entire motive is keeping you fat, and selling to you repeatedly. Offerring endless weight loss diets and supplies that keeps their cash cow running full blast, but at your expense! This is extremely profitable and big business for the weight loss industry.

They love you for it!

They even package so-called “special” foods, in boxes and sell it to you as a necessity for your success. What a money making racket — the weight loss industry!

Now you know why it’s called the weight loss industry!

I have received hundreds of pleas from overweight and out of shape folks who want help losing weight. Many of their stories may be similar to yours. They want to lose weight fast by FAT loss to improve their fitness and body shape but they lack guidance and knowledge. They are confused by the many weight loss tips and weight loss diets, and personal advisors all telling them something different.

It didn’t matter what weight loss diet information they used, they all fell short of their desired goals. It really wasn’t their fault, or lack of desire. It was the incorrect information that their weight loss program contained.

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