Debunking 6 different Pest Control Myths for your knowledge

Pests and insects are common in the household affair. You are required to prevent the growth and spread of these pests no matter what. There are various useful pest control treatments that you can go for according to your preference and choice. Visiting the website will also be helpful for you, to say the least.

But some pest control myths are needed to be exposed for obvious reasons. 6 of such myths are debunked.

  • Bed bugs are fond of dirt and filth

People believe that bed bugs are only fond of dirty beds and mattresses. But this is far from the truth. These nefarious bugs also thrive in neat and clean beds and places. They want to keep themselves fed and warm. A neat and clean home reduces the chances of bed bug infestation, but it does not guarantee it. 

  • Rodents can’t stand cheese

This is another myth that was busted a long ago. This myth has been portrayed in different cartoons over the years. But in reality, rodents are plain indifferent to cheese or cheese made products. They do not get scared if they come near cheese, as most people believe. Hence, you are required to consider this fact so that from next time you do not use cheese to drive them away. Visit to know more about this.

  • Dogs and cats are a useful rodent control method

Sometimes your cat or dog may catch a rat or something, but that does not mean they will always do that. These pets cannot be your trusted rodent control method. You are required to have a proper pest and rodent control method, to say the least. You can go for pest control professionals in this regard.

  • A clean home does not have pests

No matter how clean your home is, there is always some pests and insects to be seen. You will always have to be watchful and careful in this regard. Be aware of the signs to notice pests and insects at your home, even if you keep it neat and clean.

  • Concrete and bricks are termite proof

This is another myth that has been long exposed. Most people think that termites only grow and thrive in wood, but this is not entirely true. It has been seen that termites can grow and spread in different concrete-made structures and properties. Hence, you are supposed to be careful.

  • A Nuclear apocalypse can’t kill cockroaches 

This is another popular myth that many people still believe. Cockroaches could be amazingly resilient, but that is not enough to survive a nuclear apocalypse. They may be stronger and more resilient than other pests and insects, but they cannot just survive a nuclear bomb explosion.

The above-described myths are just myths, not facts. The next time you hear any such myths from anyone, you should refuse them. It is important to know these myths exposed for your knowledge and benefit.

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