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Reading the Tarot court cards is not an elusive or secretive art. You look at the images, and they tell a story. It sounds simple.

Well, yes and no. Remember that time you drew a blank on someone’s name or your connection to that person? The court cards of the Minor Arcana can become like those situations. How do you relate personally to each of the 16 court cards in the Minor Arcana? Who uses Pages, Knights, Queens or Kings anymore, anyway? That system is hard to make a connection with now.

What about other Tarot decks? 

The Gaian Tarot has Child, Explorer, Guardian and Elder. That at least includes the natural cycle of life, which is more accessible. Something is still missing, though, and I cannot relate to the titles given to these cards…

So what do you do when a court card comes up? What if the court cards were given titles like Son, Daughter, Mother and Father (as they are in the Quest Tarot)? They would be easy to relate to then, would they not? The beauty of this system is that you, the Tarot reader, can decide which court cards represent your relatives. The King of Pentacles could be your down-to-earth father who has a mid-November birthday. Wait a minute, why is Dad the King of Pentacles if he is a Scorpio and, therefore, a water sign? Certainly, the King of Cups would be the better choice?

That choice is yours to make; you know your family best and can choose the appropriate traits to focus on to make associations. The point of this technique is to help you, the Tarot reader, understand the court card images more easily. The court cards of the Minor Arcana are portraits, snapshots of these people in a certain time of their lives. Imagine your younger sister who loves to question everything as the Page of Swords honing her debating skills.

You may think you do not know enough relatives to fill all 16 places in the Minor Arcana’s court. If that is the case, you can expand the real-world associations to friends and other individuals you know. Caution though, for this exercise to be a huge success, you must know each person quite well. Relating a Tarot card to an individual based on the one tiny aspect that you know about them may not help you read the court card when it comes up in a reading for yourself or another.

A secondary technique you can use is to associate your favourite characters from movies or television with the court cards. This method is different from the previous one. The writers have crafted these characters to behave in certain ways and to do, or not do, certain things. Scrooge McDuck is never going to give away his millions. He takes too much pride in swimming in his pool of coins. Batman will never decide to become a bank robber, either. These characters are not going to behave oppositely. They were not created to be that way.

This method will serve you best for shows and movies that you have seen in their entirety. You could try it with shows that are currently airing episodes, but you may have to adjust your assigned court card if your favourite character turns to the dark side, like Anakin Skywalker. You could also assign the Knight of Wands to Anakin and the Knight of Swords to Darth Vader. Be sure to allow for some flexibility in this practice, so things do not come crashing down like a house of cards when the big reveal happens. It is much easier to have a firm foundation upon which to build. Attempt this method if you like a bit more challenge in your life!

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