Complete Guide For The Players To Play The Fortnite Game

If you’ve played another game in the “Battle Royale” genre, then it’s probably very familiar. The premise is simple and straightforward: Everyone starts on an island with no weapons or resources. You have a limited amount of time to find as much ammo and other supplies as possible, before being eliminated by the other players. 

In this guide we’ll cover everything from how to get started, to strategies for surviving when things go bad. If you’re new to Battle Royale games, then you should know that Fortnite has many similarities to its predecessors (such as PUBG), but also a few differences worth mentioning. For example, the objective is different, and there are more guns to choose from, so let’s start off with some basics! 

The Basics – Getting Started With Fortnite 

As with any battle royale game, getting started with Fortnite is easy, but not necessarily straight-forward. First things first, head over to the Fortnite website at and create your account. Once you do, make sure you have an internet connection before starting up. 

Once you’re in the app, click on the drop down menu at the top right corner of the screen and select Play Free Now. This will take you to the tutorial which will teach you the basics of what to expect in Fortnite. 

This is where you learn about the map, character creation, combat, and building. It may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry, just stick with it and you’ll soon be able to get around without any problems. 

After you finish the tutorial, select Create Game from the main menu to create your own world. In order to do this, you need to have access to the Epic Games launcher. From here, you can either sign into your existing account or create one if you haven’t already. 

Once the game loads, you’ll notice a small green dot in the middle of the screen representing your current location. Click anywhere on the map to enter the game area. You might want to grab something to eat while waiting for someone else to show up. 

Once you’re in the game, you can begin hunting for items to build your base. To do this, simply move around the map looking for chests. These are containers that contain various items such as food, health packs, weapons, armor, and other useful tools. They’re usually found in groups of three, and are placed randomly on the map. 

This is where you’ll use your bow, pistol, crossbow, and shotgun to hunt for these chests. Don’t forget to equip them in case you find yourself in a situation where you need to fight back against someone who’s attacking you. Also, try to avoid getting too close to anyone because they could easily shoot you. Remember, you need a full inventory if you hope to survive long enough to complete the game. 

The Basics – Building Your Base 

Now that you have the basics down, it’s time to figure out how to best defend yourself. Luckily, you only need to focus on two options: building and looting. 

When you first open your inventory, you’ll see a little arrow icon next to each item. When you hover over it, a pop-up window will appear letting you know exactly what you can use that particular item for. Clicking the icon will allow you to place the item anywhere on the map. Some items are better suited for defense than others, so you’ll need to decide which ones you need based on the situation. 

Building is one of the most important aspects of playing Fortnite, especially since there are only so many places to hide. There are seven different types of building blocks you can use to build anything you want, including walls, traps, turrets, weapons, vehicles, and even structures. The more buildings you construct, the stronger you become. 

Here’s a brief list of all the different kinds of block you can use to build: 

– Wooden Structure 

– Concrete Wall 

– Turret 

– Trap Door 

– Weapon Platform 

– Vehicle Platform 

– Metal Structure 

– Rocket Launcher 

– Power Generator 

Most of the time, you won’t need to actually build anything; instead, you’ll be able to loot the items from the ground after destroying them. But, if you run across something you really like, feel free to build it. Just remember to keep moving if you plan to stay safe. 

Looting is very important because it gives you extra items to build your base. Each chest you loot will give you one random item, which means you’ll need to collect multiple chests before you’ll be able to fully outfit yourself. 

There are a few ways you can attack other people, depending on the layout of the map. As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to find chests to loot, so if you spot someone nearby, look for those first. Try to avoid fighting anyone directly, though, because you never know what kind of weapon they might be carrying. 

Another way you can kill someone is by using their body as a minefield. Simply walk near someone and activate the button on their back to set them on fire. This will cause them to fall to the ground, causing damage to anyone who comes near them. 

But, if you happen to be the person who was attacked, don’t panic! You still have plenty of options available to you. If you’re on the ground, you can crawl away and try to reach a ledge or tree to escape, or you can jump onto a vehicle and drive away. Either way, remember to stay safe and stay alive. 

The Basics – Strategies to Survive 

Okay, now that you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to get some practice under your belt. Here are some tips to think about as you’re going through the game: 

– Always keep an eye out for other players. If you spot them, stay alert and be ready for them if they come after you. 

– Use your vehicles to help you navigate the map. Keep in mind, however, that once you leave the roads, you’re left vulnerable. So, keep your eyes peeled whenever you venture outside the boundaries. 

– Pay attention to the weather conditions. Rainstorms can slow down your speed, making it easier for enemies to catch up to you. And snow storms can also slow you down or make it difficult to see. Be aware of these hazards and adjust accordingly. 

– Never stop moving. There’s nothing worse than running away only to realize that you forgot something vital like your backpack or gun. Stay alert and always keep moving to ensure you stay safe. 

These are just a few basic rules to follow as you begin your journey through Fortnite. However, the key to success is learning how to adapt to whatever situations arise. There are several different characters in the game with different abilities, so don’t be afraid to experiment and change your strategy as you play. 

With proper planning and careful consideration, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master player. Good luck! 

How To Get Started With Fortnite 

Now that you understand the basics of Fortnite, it’s time to get started. Head over to and create your account so you can start playing immediately. If you already have an account, then simply log in. 

Once the game loads, you’ll be taken to the tutorial. This is where you’ll learn about the map, character creation, combat, and building. Follow along and you’ll be good to go. 

If you’d rather skip the tutorial and dive right into the game, you can select Play Free Now from the main menu. You’ll need to download the Epic Games launcher to do this, so check out our guide on how to install it if you haven’t done so yet. 

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From here, you’ll be able to create your own world. Make sure you have an internet connection, otherwise this process will take longer. Once the game loads, you’ll be able to select Create Game from the main menu. 

On the next screen, you can select your preferred difficulty level. We recommend Easy Mode, unless you’ve been playing video games your whole life. 

Once you create your world, you’ll want to search for chests to loot, so go ahead and start exploring. 

You’ll find chests fairly frequently throughout the map, but they aren’t evenly distributed. Instead, you’ll mostly find them in groups of three. If you ever come across a chest that looks suspiciously empty, make sure you loot it anyway, even if you suspect it contains nothing. 

Once you’ve looted a bunch of them, return to your base and craft yourself some gear. You’ll need to equip everything you find so you can effectively deal with whatever challenge you might face. 

And that’s pretty much all there is to it. Now that you know the basics, you should be able to tackle Fortnite with ease. Good luck! 

Fortnite is a great game that offers players a variety of challenges, so whether you’re new to the genre or an experienced veteran, you’ll love it. So go forth and enjoy your adventure!

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