Citi Diamond Preferred Credit Card

Are you looking for a good, all-around credit card, one backed by a solid company, and a card loaded with benefits? If so, the Citi Diamond Preferred Credit Card is an exceptional consideration. To apply, you would need to be a minimum of 18 years of age and have a valid social security number. From there, the easiest option would be to visit and apply for a credit card online. Once approved, the process of enjoying one benefit after another begins.

For starters, this credit card has one of the most powerful of all introductory offers currently being offered to consumers. For standard purchases, the introductory period would last 12 months and come with a 0% Annual Percentage Rate. However, the introductory period for balance transfers is an incredible 21 months, again with a 0% Annual Percentage Rate. This type of duration for a credit card introductory period is simply unheard of, even by top competitors.

Once the introductory period for the Citi Diamond Preferred Credit Card expires, the standard variable interest rate would increase to 11.99%, 15.99%, or 19.99% on unpaid promotional balances. The exact Annual Percentage Rate would be based primarily on your credit score. In other words, if you have excellent credit, you would be offered the 11.99% interest rate but if your credit score were only good, the 19.99% interest would apply. Now, the Annual Percentage Rate for cash advances would be set at 25.24%. Additionally, if you were to miss a payment, the penalty interest rate would skyrocket to 29.99%.

While the Citi Diamond Preferred Credit Card does charge fees, these too are competitive. For instance, the cash advance fee would be 5% or $10 on the purchase amount, whichever one is greater, the foreign purchase fee is 3% based on US dollars for purchases outside of the country, and the balance transfer fee is 3% or $5, again, whichever is greater. The good news is that no annual fee is charged for this Citi credit card as well as the card you will find on UniccShop that are equally good.

Along with low interest and fees, the Citi Diamond Preferred Credit Card also comes with Citi Identity Theft Solutions for added protection. Then, you would have zero liability for any unauthorized purchases, and for managing the credit card account online, Citi Bank uses the latest and most innovative security software, provided to you free. Other benefits are associated with this credit card, which is introduced through the application process.

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