Can You Trust A Psychic – Know about the building of trust 

There are many catalysts that urge people to see a psychic. Often, it is life-changing situations, such as a divorce, a family rift, bereavement or illness. Some people simply want reassurance about the future, and want to find answers to questions such as ‘will I get married? have children? get the career I’m aspiring towards?’ Many people see psychics regularly, and rave about how accurate they are and how they know things about their life they couldn’t possibly know unless they have real powers. Seeing a psychic makes some people feel more confident and positive about the future.

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Are There Any Risks?

There are risks involved in seeing a psychic however, as it’s virtually impossible to know who is genuine and who is a fraudster. There may even be people who genuinely believe themselves to be psychic, but actually have no inner sight. There is no governing body that examines the services psychics provide, and no qualifications you have to take in order to work professionally as a psychic. In short, anyone can call themselves a psychic and charge for their services. Many psychics admit there are fakes and fraudsters who prey on trusting people, and it is very difficult to know who is genuine and who is a fake trying to con you out of your money.

Some unscrupulous people prey on people when they are at their most vulnerable, such as when a loved one has passed away. It could be argued that people who are grieving may get comfort from seeing a psychic who claims to be able to talk to their deceased loved ones, as many people wish they could say goodbye, or find out if their loved one is at peace. But most people would agree that giving people false information and charging for it is immoral.

What Tricks Can Be Played?

There are certain tricks that fraudsters use to make people believe they have psychic powers. They ask you questions and make statements that prompt you to respond, thus gaining information about you without you realising. They also gain lots of information about you just by analysing your appearance. For example, older clients are more likely to be worried about illness and grandchildren than younger ones, and well dressed clients less likely to be worried about money issues than someone shabbily dressed. Women are more likely to be concerned about issues regarding relationships and children. People claiming to be psychic will take into account a persons age, gender, manner of speech, clothing, religion, and then use the reactions their questions to make high probability guesses about their client’s life. The fake psychic will then continue the reading by bypassing their inaccurate guesses and seizing on any guesses that happen to be accurate (as confirmed by the client’s reaction).

How Do I Find a Reputable Psychic?

If you’re thinking about seeing a psychic, it’s safest to get a personal recommendation. If you don’t know anyone who’s been, ask around your friends and colleagues, you’ll probably be surprised by the reaction, more and more people are visiting psychics than ever before but many people don’t admit to it because of being labelled ‘superstitious’. Festivals are a good place for visiting psychics, there are always plenty around, and the festival providers will have employed them, so you have less chance of being conned by a fake.

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