Aware of how to play Prison in Minecraft? What are the tips available for new players?

The Minecraft prison game is another popular adventure for players. This type imitates the common prison servers. Players in Minecraft will start living in prisons, from the lowest cell. As players start to finish the lower levels, you reach the higher cells of the prison and strategize to ‘’free yourself’’ from this cell life. 

If you are a new player of Minecraft and end up as a spawn, you have to work hard and think of ways to get out of prison. Hence, here are some of the best tips for new players when playing Prison Minecraft. 

How to clear lower levels in Prison Minecraft?

Prison Minecraft is not at all easy. Players are given multiple tasks that require effort and strategy to succeed. It’s important to be aware of the best hacks that will help you survive prison life.

  1. Start by completing daily missions that are given to you in prison. Collect points and move on to the next task.
  2. Try to look for different elements while in prison. Participate in the mining process and increase your score. The earlier you finish, the more likely you are to reach the top. 
  3. Since your main aim is to get out of prison at all costs, you have to focus on grading up. This is to be done by collecting daily objects and using them in your daily tasks.

Getting out of jail means that you can participate in upper-level Minecraft activities. The lower levels allow you to experience various facets of the game. When you reach the higher ones, use your skills to get out of prison faster!

Special tips for new players

Given that new players end up with the bare minimum idea of how to get out of Minecraft prison, it’s important to focus on some life hacks. Once you play the game, keep the following things in mind-

  1. Start by selling important materials and equipment in jail. You must aim at selling more and more to your fellow jail mates. 
  2. New players must concentrate on fulfilling the task more than anything else in Prison Minecraft. Avoid breaking the cell rules, or else you might end up getting penalties. Penalties make it harder for you to get to the top levels. 

While there are different Minecraft prisons available, the toughest and strongest one is the Purple Prison. Choose to play your game by signing in to the required prison server and start your action cum adventure!

To make sure that you swiftly make your way out of the prison, you must use certain commands like alts.topUse shortcuts to finish a chore and move on to the next quickly. 

Minecraft levels are designed to help you gather all the elements required for construction. 

Therefore, prison life prepares you for the higher levels ahead. Join the prison journey and understand the hacks to be ahead of the race!

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