Ace of Spades: Unlock The Rare Fortnite Skin For Free With These Tips

Fortnite’s Most Wanted event is back, and players have the chance to win a free Ace outfit. This rare skin is only available for a limited time, so you’ll need to act fast if you want to add it to your collection. Here are some tips on getting the Ace of Spades outfit for free and ensuring you don’t miss out on this great offer.

Complete challenges for a chance to win the skin

If you’ve participated in Fortnite’s Most Wanted event before, you’ll know that it’s one of the best ways to get your hands on rare Fortnite skins. Players have to complete various challenges, such as playing with friends, completing missions, or even unlocking special items, in order to be eligible for a chance at the Ace of Spades outfit. It may take some dedication and effort, but it’s well worth it if you’re looking for a unique look. It’s also worth noting that there are other rewards available throughout the event, so don’t forget about them!

Spend V-Bucks for a chance to win the outfit

Another way players can try their luck at winning the Ace of Spades outfit is by spending V-Bucks. If you buy any item from the store during Fortnite’s Most Wanted event period, you will receive an entry ticket that will give you a chance to win the skin. This isn’t guaranteed, of course, but it does give players an extra chance to get the elusive look without having to complete any challenges or tasks. You never know what might happen when you spend those precious V-Bucks!

Enter contests and giveaways for a chance to win the skin

One final way that participants can try to get their hands on the Ace of Spades outfit is through contests and giveaways, which are hosted by various Fortnite-related channels and websites online. Often, these contests require participants to do something as simple as retweeting or liking posts to increase their chances of winning, but other more complex tasks may be required depending on the channel hosting the contest. Either way, participating in online contests and giveaways is another way for players to get their hands on this exclusive skin without having to pay anything up front or spend countless hours grinding on missions or objectives.

Play with friends for extra chances to win the skin

Every day during Fortnite’s Most Wanted event period, players who join lobbies with friends will receive extra entries to try their luck at getting the coveted Ace of Spades outfit for free. Playing with others makes things a lot more fun anyway, and it also gives everyone involved an added bonus – more chances to get their hands on the coveted look! So get the word out to all your buddies and let them know that if they play together during this promotion, they could be in with a chance of grabbing a sweet-looking skin!

Purchase item bundles to gain access to special missions

Finally, certain item bundles offered during Fortnite’s Most Wanted events grant buyers access to special missions where they can earn additional rewards, including bonus entries into the raffle for prizes such as skins and emblems – including potentially being able to purchase the Ace of Spade outfit without paying anything directly upfront (other than purchasing the bundle). While these bundles tend not to cost quite as much as buying Vbucks outright, they’re still likely to put a dent in your wallet – although they do offer plenty of potential value, either through the cosmetic items included or the chance to win something truly valuable, such as the aforementioned Ace of Spade outfit. All in all, then, purchasing these packs is definitely worth considering if your looking to optimise every possible avenue open to the crew trying to score glorious new garb!

The Bottom Line

For those wanting a shot at obtaining Fortnites’ coveted Ace Of Spade outfit without shelling out tons of cash, the above strategies should provide all the necessary information needed to pursue goal! That said, remember that success is not guaranteed no matter which route you take; ultimately it’s a bit of luck mixed with hard work that combine to create a favourable result! Good luck everyone!

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