A comprehensive guide on home teeth whitening kits and how do they differ?

Going to a dentist for a professional whitening of your teeth is expensive; hence, it is no surprise that the cash-strapped individual turns to cheaper options available of home whitening.

One only has to open Instagram or Facebook to find themselves bombarded with the advertisement for the at-home device that claims to take the gnashers from the very drab to a fab. However, are these kits even that effective, or are they being duped with the heavily edited ‘afters’ & ‘before’ and utterly worthless products?

Demand for teeth whitening is rising exponentially!

The very demand for these teeth whitening products in the recent past few years has risen exponentially. Nowadays, it is all about one’s looks, taking a few selfies, and other self-serving activities. Bright and white teeth may assist the person in having a finer sense of self-worth.

Numerous options are providing the services of tooth whitening at a much low cost when compared to the years past. It’s because of several options that currently exist. One must understand the benefits and possible disadvantages involved in whatever alternative one might be interested in.

The Professional whitening versus at-home whitening kit for you

The gold-standard treatment for attaining whiter teeth usually involves hydrogen peroxide at the very concentration of about 6%. In the United Kingdom, this may only be carried out via a dental professional – either the dentist or the dental hygienist or the therapist under the supervision of the dentist.

Professional bleaching generally involves the following:

  • Taking the impression of the mouth to make the mouth tray that goes on to fit you aptly. 
  • The whitening gel containing carbamide or hydrogen peroxide (which even contains hydrogen peroxide) will be placed right inside trays and put in the mouth. 
  • The very oxygen in an active ingredient enters the tooth enamel and lightens its color, possibly up to numerous shades.
  • You’ll need repeated treatments. A few of these can well be carried out easily at home. However, the treatment shall be dentist-prescribed.

How do these home tooth whitening kits differ

Over-the-counter home whitening kit is widely available in and around the United Kingdom but can not contain over 0.1 percent hydrogen peroxide right under the regulations of the EU. It’s because of that risk of burning or damaging the gums or the mouth when kits are utilized incorrectly. The OFH, which stands for Oral Health Foundation, says that a concentration of the hydrogen peroxide provided in the home kits is a tad bit low to have a noticeable effect on an underlying color of the teeth, regardless of what a manufacturer promises.

It is quite possible that a kit can include the other stain-removing ingredient that could assist teeth to look whiter. Still, you’d probably attain this equally well with the whitening or stain-removing toothpaste. So, yeah, there you have everything you wanted to know about it. To know more, visit the dentist and get to know if it is worth it.

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