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A London-based designer & illustrator, in love with street photography.
Previously in Berlin (@ Triposo), Osaka (@ TransCosmos), and Turin (@ Wedoo; @ gtp).

I enjoy design and illustration, check out my work page. I also enjoy coding, here's my LAB page with some CSS3 experiments. If you want some free stuff to download, check my freebie page.
Oh, and please help Yugi to go back home.

More about me

I grew up in a family of painters, artists and art dealers, and became interested in painting and drawing in young age.
After playing with digital computer technique in my childhood (with 16 colours PC programs, mixing up pixels in a digital pointillism), I soon started to use also oil colors, pastels, charcoals, and pencils. In subsequent years, I continued to feed my passion with art and graphic studies. I joined studios, agencies and cultural organizations cooperating for the creation of various artistic projects such as magazines, multidisciplinary performances, movie screening and literature meetings.
In Italy and afterwards in Osaka, Berlin, and London, I work as designer and illustrator.

Some brands I’ve worked for

Fiat, Lavazza, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Martini Nissen, Iveco, Diageo, Kraft

Skills and attitudes

Skills and attitudes


Personal Expositions

Jan 2012 . Seen . Circo Mitali' . Osaka, Japan
Nov 2010 . Misc . Anni di carta . Torino, Italy

Collective Expositions

Oct 2012 . 見るためのズボン展 . Circo Mitali' . Osaka, Japan
Feb 2012 . 3周年展 . Circo Mitali' . Osaka, Japan
Feb 2014 . 5周年展 . Circo Mitali' . Osaka, Japan


Personal publications

Se non conoscessi questo posto potrei essere ovunque . Berlin, 2014


Il Sogno di Giovanni . Torino, 2013
Firfilù . Torino, 2015
Breve ma veridica storia di una gallina . Torino, 2015

Resume & portfolio PDF

Download my resume with selected works